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History of the Historic Home Plaques

One of the most important ways in which the Historical Commission promotes awareness of the Town of Wellesley’s history is through its plaque program. The original Historical Commission plaque program was established in conjunction with the National Bicentennial and Town Centennial celebrations in 1976 and 1981, respectively. At the time, plaques were placed on almost all of the houses and buildings in Wellesley that were constructed before the Town’s incorporation in 1881.

New Plaque Initiative

In 2014, the Historical Commission extended the cutoff date for the plaques to 1914, thus permitting the placement of plaques on all houses and buildings in Wellesley constructed 100 or more years ago. This cutoff date will advance each year through 2019 (e.g. in 2015, the cutoff date is 1915).

Bill and Carol Mone of 75 Abbott Road recently shared their pride in affixing a new plaque to their beautiful home, one of the original Belvedere houses built in 1901.  Their house was the first in Wellesley to receive a plaque under the new plaque program, and the Mones encourage all applicable residents to consider such a plaque.

How to Request a Plaque

If you believe your house or building qualifies for a plaque under the new expanded program, please review the “Wellesley Historical Commission Plaque Summary” informational document (PDF) and then contact Joshua Dorin of the Historical Commission at plaques@wellesleyhistoricalcommission.org. The Historical Commission will then research the construction date of your home and contact you to confirm your eligibility.

Eligible House Database

The Historical Commission is currently conducting research to determine what properties are eligible for plaques under the newly-expanded program (thru 2019). Many of these homes and buildings — 762 in total — have been uploaded to the following online database. If your property does not appear in the database it does not mean that it is not eligible. The Historical Commission is continually working to add more properties to this database. Please use the search box below to explore the database. Simply start typing part of the street number, street name and/or year constructed to filter the results.

Street NumberStreet NameYear of ConstructionPhotographAdditional Information
6Abbott Road1890History Profile
19Abbott Road1895
History Profile
23Abbott Road1895History Profile
39Abbott Road1899
43Abbott Road1897History Profile
48Abbott Road1895History Profile
54Abbott Road1896History Profile
76Abbott Road1901History Profile
78Abbott Road1901History Profile
84Abbott Road1900History Profile
90Abbott Road1900History Profile
93Abbott Road1912
96Abbott Road1903
102Abbott Road1903History Profile
105Abbott Road1910History Profile
113Abbott Road1910History Profile
114Abbott Road1909History Profile
117Abbott Road1919History Profile
118 Abbott Road1912History Profile
122 Abbott Road1917History Profile
123Abbott Road1902History Profile
126Abbott Road1916History Profile
130Abbott Road1916History Profile
133Abbott Road1913History Profile
134Abbott Road1915History Profile
5Abbott Street1892History Profile
7Abbott Street1914History Profile
8Abbott Street1893History Profile
9Abbott Street1893History Profile
10Abbott Street1893History Profile
11Abbott Street1907History Profile
12 Abbott Street1893History Profile
14Abbott Street1893History Profile
15Abbott Street1893History Profile
16Abbott Street1887History Profile
17Abbott Street1906History Profile
18Abbott Street1891History Profile
20Abbott Street1874History Profile
6-8Appleby Road1916History Profile
10Appleby Road1916History Profile
12Appleby Road1917History Profile
1Arlington Road1914History Profile
2Arlington Road1911History Profile
7Arlington Road1911History Profile
8Arlington Road1911History Profile
11Arlington Road1916History Profile
12Arlington Road1913History Profile
15Arlington Road1914History Profile
18Arlington Road1910History Profile
19Arlington Road1911History Profile
23Arlington Road1911History Profile
26Arlington Road1911History Profile
29Arlington Road1917History Profile
32Arlington Road1913History Profile
36Arlington Road1913History Profile
44Arlington Road1913History Profile
3Atwood Road1918History Profile
7Atwood Street1915History Profile
19Atwood Street1915History Profile
33Atwood Street1906History Profile
35Atwood Street1909History Profile
37Atwood Street1908History Profile
39Atwood Street1908History Profile
40 Atwood Street1915
History Profile
1Avon Road1904History Profile
8Avon Road1907History Profile
9Avon Road1906History Profile
10Avon Road1908History Profile
11Avon Road1913History Profile
19Avon Road1914History Profile
53Avon Road1881History Profile
7Ayer Road1897History Profile
6Bancroft Road1916History Profile
8Bancroft Road1914History Profile
50 Bancroft Road1911History Profile
16Bay Road1914History Profile
62Beechwood Road1916History Profile
8Belair Road1887History Profile
14Belair Road1901History Profile
15Belair Road1895History Profile
17Belair Road1909History Profile
18Benvenue Street1890History Profile
21Benvenue Street1889History Profile
57Benvenue Street1916History Profile
149Benvenue Street1913History Profile
4Birch Road1888History Profile
1Bird Hill Avenue1863History Profile
11Bird Hill Avenue1910History Profile
15Bird Hill Avenue1872
History Profile
25Bird Hill Avenue1871
History Profile
2Bow Street1898History Profile
5Bow Street1898History Profile
11-13Bow Street1899History Profile
23Bradford Road1910History Profile
31Bradford Road1911History Profile
34Bradford Road1911History Profile
35Bradford Road1912History Profile
38 Bradford Road1912History Profile
44Bradford Road1916History Profile
12Brook Street1896History Profile
19Brook Street1889History Profile
20 Brook Street1890History Profile
31Brook Street1891History Profile
34Brook Street1910History Profile
45Brook Street1913History Profile
60Brook Street1903History Profile
63Brook Street1914History Profile
67Brook Street1915History Profile
84 Brook Street1915History Profile
90Brook Street1900History Profile
3Burke Lane1897History Profile
7Burke Lane1876History Profile
40 Calvin Road1899History Profile
42Calvin Road1907History Profile
9Cedar Street1870History Profile
10-12Cedar Street1888History Profile
11-13Cedar Street1890
History Profile
16Cedar Street1888History Profile
20Cedar Street1892History Profile
37Cedar Street1889History Profile
39Cedar Street1888History Profile
41Cedar Street1888History Profile
42Cedar Street1898History Profile
64Cedar Street1885History Profile
177Cedar Street1910History Profile
202Cedar Street1903History Profile
206Cedar Street1897History Profile
214Cedar Street1904History Profile
21Charles Street1897History Profile
24Charles Street1911History Profile
31Charles Street1912History Profile
1Chestnut Street1899History Profile
7Chestnut Street1887History Profile
11Chestnut Street1894
History Profile
15-17Chestnut Street1876History Profile
23Chestnut Street1900History Profile
27Chestnut Street1893History Profile
38Chestnut Street1900
History Profile
40Chestnut Street1901History Profile
46Chestnut Street1897
History Profile
62Church Street1890History Profile
66Church Street1894History Profile
70Church Street1895History Profile
7Cliff Road1883History Profile
19Cliff Road1899History Profile
30Cliff Road1892
History Profile
34Cliff Road1877History Profile
35Cliff Road1904History Profile
38Cliff Road1903History Profile
41Cliff Road1893History Profile
42Cliff Road1892History Profile
45Cliff Road1890History Profile
46Cliff Road1892History Profile
49Cliff Road1895History Profile
54Cliff Road1891History Profile
88Cliff Road1895History Profile
106Cliff Road1915History Profile
21Clifford Street1915History Profile
31Clovelly Road1917History Profile
35Clovelly Road1917History Profile
48Clovelly Road1905History Profile
22Colburn Road1913History Profile
30Colburn Road1914History Profile
43Colburn Road1899
History Profile
53Colburn Road1891History Profile
58Colburn Road1899History Profile
27Columbia Street1869History Profile
6Cottage Street1899History Profile
7Cottage Street1886History Profile
8Cottage Street1906History Profile
9Cottage Street 1886History Profile
10Cottage Street1876History Profile
11Cottage Street1889History Profile
12Cottage Street1869History Profile
14Cottage Street1868History Profile
16Cottage Street1905History Profile
22Cottage Street1901History Profile
23Cottage Street1884History Profile
24Cottage Street1872History Profile
25Cottage Street1869History Profile
26Cottage Street1872History Profile
29Cottage Street1869History Profile
30 1/2Cottage Street1906History Profile
32Cottage Street1878History Profile
34-36Cottage Street1891History Profile
39Cottage Street1915History Profile
45Cottage Street1904History Profile
52Cottage Street1875History Profile
56Cottage Street1861History Profile
59Cottage Street1872History Profile
1 Crescent Street1908History Profile
7Crescent Street1873History Profile
8Crescent Street1884History Profile
18Crescent Street1907History Profile
20 Crescent Street1898
History Profile
24Crescent Street1897
History Profile
28Crescent Street1875History Profile
65Crest Road1878
History Profile
68Crest Road1898History Profile
76Crest Road1874History Profile
84Crest Road1915History Profile
85Crest Road1919History Profile
88Crest Road1896
History Profile
94Crest Road1903History Profile
95Crest Road1907History Profile
112Crest Road1889History Profile
6Cross Street1903History Profile
8Cross Street1906History Profile
9Cross Street1904History Profile
10Cross Street1910History Profile
25Croton Street1913History Profile
29Croton Street1915History Profile
32Croton Street1915History Profile
36Croton Street1912History Profile
37Croton Street1892History Profile
47Croton Street1890History Profile
Farms StationCroton Street1890History Profile
5Crown Ridge Road1918History Profile
10Curve Street1919History Profile
12 Curve Street1919History Profile
19Curve Street1888History Profile
25Curve Street1889History Profile
31Curve Street1872History Profile
43Curve Street1874History Profile
44Curve Street1873History Profile
50Curve Street1878History Profile
51Curve Street1905History Profile
55Curve Street1906History Profile
56Curve Street1909History Profile
57Curve Street1879History Profile
58Curve Street1910History Profile
60Curve Street1913History Profile
64Curve Street1912History Profile
69-71Curve Street1909History Profile
70 Curve Street1907History Profile
74 Curve Street1902History Profile
75 Curve Street1914History Profile
2Cushing Road1879History Profile
17Cushing Road1896History Profile
18Cushing Road1909History Profile
19Cushing Road1909History Profile
20Cushing Road1909History Profile
21Cushing Road1909History Profile
22Cushing Road1909History Profile
26Cushing Road1901History Profile
8Cypress Road1897History Profile
11Cypress Road1909History Profile
17Cypress Road1909History Profile
25Cypress Road1910History Profile
8Damien Road1914History Profile
10Damien Road1913History Profile
14Damien Road1915History Profile
2Denton Road1896History Profile
6Denton Road1908History Profile
7Denton Road1891History Profile
10Denton Road1896History Profile
14Denton Road1899History Profile
24Denton Road1886History Profile
31Denton Road1913History Profile
32Denton Road1910History Profile
55 Denton Road1876History Profile
72Denton Road1883History Profile
78Denton Road1913History Profile
79Denton Road1894History Profile
13Donizetti Street1882History Profile
20Donizetti Street1905History Profile
26Donizetti Street1917History Profile
28Donizetti Street1916History Profile
58Donizetti Street1881History Profile
60Donizetti Street1909History Profile
90Donizetti Street1889History Profile
8Dover Road1916History Profile
14Dover Road1903History Profile
20Dover Road1907History Profile
29-31Dover Road1903History Profile
32Dover Road1888History Profile
33Dover Road1906History Profile
38Dover Road1896History Profile
46Dover Road1910History Profile
50Dover Road1906History Profile
12-18Eaton Court1905History Profile
13-19Eaton Court1906History Profile
25 Eaton Court1870
History Profile
1Edmunds Road1890History Profile
10Eliot Street1910
History Profile
2Elm Street1885History Profile
10Elm Street1896History Profile
14Elm Street1897History Profile
16Elm Street1897History Profile
19Elm Street1914History Profile
31Elm Street1876History Profile
37Elm Street1905History Profile
44Elm Street1897History Profile
49 Elm Street1906History Profile
50Elm Street1905History Profile
23Elmwood Road1907History Profile
53Elmwood Road1913History Profile
10Everett Street1891History Profile
12Everett Street1910 History Profile
5Fairbanks Avenue1904History Profile
10Fairbanks Avenue1894History Profile
21Fairbanks Avenue1912History Profile
13Fells Road1908History Profile
10Fisher Road1916History Profile
12Fletcher Road1902History Profile
Forest Hall1905History Profile
9Forest Street1905History Profile
23Forest Street1890History Profile
27Forest Street1892
History Profile
31Forest Street1893
History Profile
36Forest Street1869History Profile
41Forest Street1887History Profile
45Forest Street1900History Profile
78Forest Street1912History Profile
121Forest Street1913History Profile
3Francis Road1909History Profile
15Fuller Road1915History Profile
16Fuller Road1914History Profile
1Garden Place1911History Profile
8Garden Road1899History Profile
11Garden Road1890History Profile
16Garden Road1902History Profile
21Garden Road1906History Profile
24Garden Road1911History Profile
30Garden Road1913History Profile
37Garden Road1914History Profile
43Garden Road1913History Profile
46Garden Road1910History Profile
58Garden Road1915History Profile
1Gilson Road1917History Profile
11Gilson Road1916History Profile
20Gilson Road1914History Profile
85Glen Cross Road1896History Profile
8Glen Road1894History Profile
12Glen Road1896History Profile
15Glen Road1860History Profile
16Glen Road1894History Profile
18Glen Road1914History Profile
23Glen Road1916History Profile
25Glen Road1904History Profile
31Glen Road1916History Profile
33 Glen Road1905History Profile
37Glen Road1896History Profile
49Glen Road1902History Profile
121Glen Road1893History Profile
131Glen Road1894History Profile
135Glen Road1919History Profile
1Grant Avenue1910History Profile
11Grant Avenue1914History Profile
21Great Plain Avenue1907History Profile
12 Greenwood Road1916History Profile
30Greenwood Road1916History Profile
33Greenwood Road1916History Profile
30Grove Street1868History Profile
109Grove Street1896History Profile
117Grove Street1913History Profile
179Grove Street1905History Profile
187Grove Street1908History Profile
188Grove Street1882History Profile
7Hampden Street1899History Profile
8Hampden Street1915History Profile
9-11Hampden Street1914History Profile
12Hampden Street1912History Profile
13-15Hampden Street1905History Profile
14Hampden Street1911History Profile
21Hampden Street1912History Profile
24Hampden Street1907
History Profile
28Hampden Street1915
History Profile
10Hawthorne Road1906History Profile
18Hawthorne Road1904History Profile
20Hawthorne Road1909History Profile
22Hawthorne Road1896History Profile
25Hawthorne Road1911History Profile
8Heckle Street1906History Profile
12Heckle Street1910History Profile
14Heckle Street1910History Profile
26Heckle Street1901History Profile
5Hewing Farm Road1903History Profile
8Hillside Road1897
History Profile
11Hillside Road1912History Profile
15Hillside Road1871History Profile
21Hillside Road1900History Profile
85Hillside Road1912History Profile
7Homestead Road1915History Profile
78Hopkinson Street1915History Profile
15Howe Street1891History Profile
16Howe Street1888History Profile
20Howe Street1893History Profile
21Howe Street1906History Profile
23Howe Street1913History Profile
24Howe Street1875History Profile
28Howe Street1878
History Profile
41Howe Street1877
History Profile
5Hundreds Road1895History Profile
87Hundreds Road1911History Profile
4Hunting Street1917History Profile
6Hunting Street1901History Profile
9Hunting Street1901History Profile
11Hunting Street1901History Profile
1 Ingersoll Road 1909History Profile
5Inverness Road1916History Profile
8Inverness Road1915History Profile
20Kingsbury Street1916History Profile
24Kingsbury Street1911History Profile
26Kingsbury Street1910History Profile
59Kingsbury Street1903History Profile
71Kingsbury Street1888History Profile
90Kingsbury Street1909History Profile
1ALake Road1914History Profile
2Lake Road1914History Profile
4Lake Road1914History Profile
31Lantern Lane1910History Profile
17Laurel Avenue1911History Profile
26Laurel Avenue1910History Profile
30Laurel Avenue1910History Profile
38Laurel Avenue1879History Profile
40Laurel Avenue1873History Profile
48Laurel Avenue1873History Profile
4 Laurel Terrace1887History Profile
26 Lehigh Road1909History Profile
11Leighton Road1911History Profile
12Leighton Road1913History Profile
15Leighton Road1912History Profile
17Leighton Road1912History Profile
18Leighton Road1914History Profile
21Leighton Road1912History Profile
22Leighton Road1912History Profile
25Leighton Road1913History Profile
26Leighton Road1914History Profile
45Leighton Road1912History Profile
3 Linden Street1895History Profile
32Linden Street1871History Profile
33Linden Street1899History Profile
36Linden Street1918History Profile
68Linden Street1898History Profile
79 Linden Street1898History Profile
83Linden Street1886History Profile
84Linden Street1873History Profile
127Linden Street1904
History Profile
144Linden Street1913History Profile
248-250Linden Street1907History Profile
296Linden Street1897History Profile
300Linden Street1898History Profile
324Linden Street1892History Profile
340Linden Street1896History Profile
345Linden Street1897History Profile
395Linden Street1868History Profile
397 Linden Street1868History Profile
405Linden Street1904History Profile
407Linden Street1907History Profile
411Linden Street1904History Profile
415Linden Street1870
History Profile
416 Linden Street1848History Profile
9Livermore Road1900History Profile
10Livermore Road1896History Profile
15Livermore Road1899History Profile
16Livermore Road1902History Profile
21Livermore Road1897History Profile
24Livermore Road1906History Profile
27Livermore Road1897History Profile
28Livermore Road1897History Profile
31Livermore Road1906History Profile
34Livermore Road1914History Profile
38Livermore Road1910History Profile
43Livermore Road1913History Profile
47Livermore Road1911History Profile
48Livermore Road1910History Profile
51Livermore Road1911History Profile
52Livermore Road1912History Profile
55Livermore Road1911History Profile
59Livermore Road1911History Profile
65Livermore Road1912History Profile
7Longfellow Road1888History Profile
12Longfellow Road1911History Profile
15Longfellow Road1888History Profile
17Longfellow Road1889History Profile
22Longfellow Road1880
History Profile
26Longfellow Road1895History Profile
28Longfellow Road1898History Profile
29Longfellow Road1880History Profile
29Longfellow Road1880
History Profile
41Longfellow Road1883History Profile
47Longfellow Road1883History Profile
53Longfellow Road1895History Profile
65Longfellow Road1896History Profile
67Longfellow Road1896History Profile
68Longfellow Road1907History Profile
18Louis Drive1911
History Profile
11Lovewell Road1908History Profile
10 Maugus Avenue1891History Profile
15Maugus Avenue1891History Profile
18Maugus Avenue1876History Profile
2 Middlesex Street1912History Profile
3 Middlesex Street1907History Profile
4Middlesex Street1911History Profile
5Middlesex Street1905History Profile
6Middlesex Street1911History Profile
7Middlesex Street1914History Profile
8Middlesex Street1907History Profile
3Midland Road1894History Profile
6Midland Road1898History Profile
5Montvale Road1917History Profile
14Montvale Road1915History Profile
17Montvale Road1917History Profile
10Morton Street1902History Profile
1Mulherin Lane1913History Profile
5 Mulherin Lane1913History Profile
2-8Norfolk Terrace1904
12Norfolk Terrace1900History Profile
14Norfolk Terrace1912History Profile
1Oak Street1906History Profile
5Oak Street1908History Profile
6Oakland Circle1890History Profile
10Oakland Circlec1891History Profile
14Oakland Circlec1891History Profile
15Oakland Circlec1892History Profile
22Oakland Circle1904History Profile
23Oakland Circlec1896History Profile
26Oakland Circle1900History Profile
9Oakland Street1907History Profile
10Oakland Street1913History Profile
14Oakland Street1914History Profile
122Oakland Street1911History Profile
124Oakland Street1898History Profile
128Oakland Street1900History Profile
130Oakland Street1895History Profile
144Oakland Street1895History Profile
152Oakland Street1915History Profile
161Oakland Street1876History Profile
166Oakland Street1916History Profile
309Oakland Street1903History Profile
319Oakland Street1897History Profile
10 Orchard Street1915History Profile
30Overbrook Drive1898History Profile
Page Memorial Kindergarten1913History Profile
10Paine Street1913History Profile
14Paine Street1917History Profile
20Paine Street1915History Profile
24Paine Street1903History Profile
28Paine Street1915History Profile
12-14Peck Avenue1910
History Profile
3Pine Ridge Road1914
History Profile
4 Pine Ridge Road1915
History Profile
5Pine Ridge Road1914
History Profile
32Pine Street1916
History Profile
37Pine Street1901History Profile
39Pine Street 1910History Profile
49Pine Street1915History Profile
50Pine Street1911History Profile
44Pinewood Road1912History Profile
11Pleasant Street1908History Profile
15Pleasant Street1915History Profile
43Pleasant Street1913History Profile
47Pleasant Street1912History Profile
53Prospect Street1907History Profile
60Prospect Street1913History Profile
65Prospect Street1898History Profile
67Prospect Street1894History Profile
73Prospect Street1901History Profile
75Prospect Street1896History Profile
119 Prospect Street1913History Profile
120Prospect Street1917History Profile
5Putney Road1897History Profile
15Putney Road1901History Profile
15Rice Street1914History Profile
16Rice Street1909History Profile
31Rice Street1913History Profile
32Rice Street1915History Profile
35Rice Street1911History Profile
38Rice Street1916History Profile
41Rice Street1877History Profile
42Rice Street1912History Profile
28River Ridge1890History Profile
30River Ridge1890History Profile
42River Ridge1893History Profile
46River Ridge1893History Profile
57River Ridge 1898History Profile
69River Ridge 1892History Profile
75River Ridge 1888History Profile
77River Ridge 1915History Profile
83 River Ridge 1898History Profile
95River Ridge1898History Profile
39River Ridge Road1893History Profile
45River Ridge Road1889History Profile
11River Street1871
History Profile
51River Street1877History Profile
53River Street1892History Profile
63River Street1871History Profile
81River Street1871History Profile
5Riverdale Road1913History Profile
10Riverdale Road1913History Profile
21 Riverdale Road1914History Profile
24Riverdale Road1913History Profile
25Riverdale Road1914History Profile
29Riverdale Road1915History Profile
30Riverdale Road1915History Profile
32Riverdale Road1915History Profile
35Riverdale Road1916History Profile
36Riverdale Road1914History Profile
39Riverdale Road1914History Profile
40Riverdale Road1916History Profile
42Riverdale Road1915History Profile
48Riverdale Road1916History Profile
50Riverdale Road1916History Profile
2Roanoke Road1913History Profile
6Roanoke Road1916History Profile
9Roanoke Road1906History Profile
3Rockland Street1887History Profile
9Rockland Street1888
History Profile
15Rockland Street1890History Profile
16Rockland Street1871History Profile
28Rockland Street1885History Profile
5Schaller Street1889History Profile
9Schaller Street1877History Profile
10Schaller Street1876History Profile
16Schaller Street1914History Profile
17Schaller Street1896History Profile
18Schaller Street1885History Profile
11Seaver Street1902
History Profile
17Seaver Street1878
History Profile
21 Seaver Street1899
History Profile
72RSeaver Street1916
History Profile
76Seaver Street1910
History Profile
80Seaver Street1910
History Profile
26Seaward Road1889History Profile
34 Seaward Road1901History Profile
38Seaward Road1901
History Profile
42 Seaward Road1895History Profile
90 Seaward Road1898
History Profile
9Sessions Street1915
History Profile
11Sessions Street1913
History Profile
51Smith Street1917History Profile
55Smith Street1915History Profile
59Smith Street1915History Profile
61Smith Street1915History Profile
63Smith Street1915History Profile
2Solon Street1909History Profile
3Solon Street1910History Profile
4Solon Street1909History Profile
5Solon Street1908History Profile
6Solon Street1913History Profile
8Solon Street1917History Profile
10Solon Street1919History Profile
12Solon Street1913History Profile
32South Woodside Roadc1918History Profile
5Squirrel Road1907History Profile
15Squirrel Road1913History Profile
21Squirrel Road1909History Profile
7 Stonecleve Road1916History Profile
18Stonecleve Road1918History Profile
19Stonecleve Road1914History Profile
21Stonecleve Road1915History Profile
22Stonecleve Road1918History Profile
3Summit Road1918History Profile
6Summit Road1910History Profile
8-10 Summit Road1912History Profile
9 Summit Road1913
History Profile
29Summit Road1913History Profile
1Sunset Road1910History Profile
28Swarthmore Road1919History Profile
62Temple Road1910History Profile
69Temple Road1910 (barn) & 1929 (house)History Profile
39Twitchell Street1914History Profile
7Upland Road1906History Profile
8-10Upland Road1910History Profile
9Upland Road1908History Profile
12Upland Road1909History Profile
14Upland Road1906History Profile
16Upland Road1907History Profile
29 Upwey Road1904History Profile
1Waban Street1902History Profile
3Waban Street1887History Profile
5Waban Street1879History Profile
7Waban Street1888History Profile
9Waban Street1913History Profile
10Waban Street 1891History Profile
11-15Waban Street1896History Profile
12Waban Street1885History Profile
14Waban Street1890History Profile
17Waban Street1887History Profile
125-127Walnut Street1887History Profile
131-133Walnut Street1875History Profile
147Walnut Street1871History Profile
155Walnut Street1876
History Profile
156 Walnut Street1900
History Profile
176Walnut Street1900History Profile
182Walnut Street1903History Profile
219Walnut Street1884History Profile
225Walnut Street1884History Profile
233Walnut Street1874
History Profile
239-241Walnut Street1893History Profile
243-245Walnut Street1893History Profile
269Walnut Street1899History Profile
275Walnut Street1898History Profile
283Walnut Street1874History Profile
289Walnut Street1874History Profile
309Walnut Street1905History Profile
354Walnut Street1882History Profile
1Washburn Avenue1882History Profile
9Washburn Avenue1884History Profile
11Washburn Avenue1884History Profile
15Washburn Avenue 1886History Profile
25Washburn Avenue1899History Profile
35Washburn Avenue1890History Profile
Waban BlockWashington & Grove Streets1913History Profile
12-14Washington Court1916History Profile
49Washington Street1881History Profile
54 Washington Street1913History Profile
70Washington Street1911History Profile
76Washington Street1874History Profile
82Washington Street1892History Profile
85Washington Street1898History Profile
93 Washington Street1906History Profile
103Washington Street1881History Profile
115Washington Street1900History Profile
119 Washington Streetc1865History Profile
121Washington Street1894History Profile
123Washington Street1870History Profile
129Washington Street1890History Profile
130Washington Street1864History Profile
135Washington Street1864History Profile
141Washington Street1889
History Profile
186Washington Street1910History Profile
188Washington Street1910History Profile
192Washington Street1909History Profile
196Washington Street1869History Profile
200Washington Street1862History Profile
207Washington Street1903History Profile
219Washington Street1884History Profile
309Washington Street1888History Profile
316-320Washington Street1912History Profile
322-324Washington Street1894History Profile
323 Washington Street1916History Profile
325 Washington Street1868
History Profile
339Washington Street1885History Profile
346-360Washington Street1889History Profile
402Washington Street1900History Profile
402Washington Street1900History Profile
428Washington Street1874History Profile
432 Washington Street1871History Profile
436Washington Street1905History Profile
440Washington Street1900History Profile
480Washington Street1916History Profile
482 Washington Street1912
History Profile
502Washington Street1916History Profile
514Washington Street1896History Profile
525Washington Street1882-1885History Profile
539-567 Washington Street1904History Profile
542-558Washington Street1906History Profile
562-568 Washington Street1904History Profile
571Washington Street1889History Profile
592Washington Street1911
History Profile
594Washington Street1869History Profile
595Washington Street1894History Profile
599Washington Street1864History Profile
600Washington Street1904History Profile
600AWashington Street1904History Profile
603 Washington Street1886History Profile
619 Washington Street1876History Profile
626-628Washington Street1896History Profile
629Washington Street1895History Profile
633-635Washington Street1892History Profile
637Washington Street1913History Profile
756Washington Street1871History Profile
828 Washington Street1894History Profile
828RWashington Street1906History Profile
History Profile
6Wellesley Avenue 1896History Profile
10Wellesley Avenue 1895History Profile
14Wellesley Avenue1913History Profile
16Wellesley Avenue1915History Profile
24Wellesley Avenue1918History Profile
80Wellesley Avenue1898
History Profile
86Wellesley Avenue1916History Profile
175 Wellesley Avenue1901History Profile
189Wellesley Avenue1890History Profile
Agora House (Slater International Center)Wellesley College campus1901History Profile
Beebe HallWellesley College campus1908History Profile
Billings HallWellesley College campus1904History Profile
Cazenove HallWellesley College campus1905History Profile
Clapp LibraryWellesley College campus1910History Profile
Houghton Memorial ChapelWellesley College campus1899History Profile
Lake House dormitoryWellesley College campus1913History Profile
Music HallWellesley College campus1881History Profile
Oakwoods (Admission Office)Wellesley College campus1902History Profile
ObservatoryWellesley College campus1900History Profile
Observatory HouseWellesley College campus1906History Profile
Phi Sigma House (Continuing Education House)Wellesley College campus1900History Profile
Pomeroy HallWellesley College campus1904History Profile
Shafer HallWellesley College campus1909History Profile
Shakespeare Society HouseWellesley College campus1898History Profile
Simpson Cottage (Simpson Center)Wellesley College campus1881History Profile
Zeta Alpha HouseWellesley College campus1900History Profile
1Westerly Street1916History Profile
3-5Westerly Street1897History Profile
7Westerly Street1894History Profile
2 Westminster Circle1878History Profile
12-14Weston Road1909History Profile
18Weston Road1895History Profile
19Weston Road1836History Profile
25Weston Road1890History Profile
26Weston Road1895History Profile
32Weston Road1836History Profile
34Weston Road1913History Profile
47Weston Road1889History Profile
138 Weston Road1912History Profile
153Weston Road1884History Profile
157Weston Road1887History Profile
159Weston Road1904History Profile
167-169Weston Road1887History Profile
175 Weston Road1897History Profile
185Weston Road1907History Profile
191Weston Road1899History Profile
195Weston Road1899History Profile
199Weston Road1900History Profile
201Weston Road1912History Profile
207Weston Road1899History Profile
211Weston Road1913History Profile
223Weston Road1900History Profile
237Weston Road1877History Profile
251Weston Road1883History Profile
255Weston Road1912History Profile
292Weston Road1888History Profile
364Weston Road1910History Profile
365Weston Road1913History Profile
370Weston Road1900History Profile
388Weston Road1909History Profile
3Windemere Lane1905History Profile
4Windemere Lane1894History Profile
8Windsor Road1914History Profile
11Windsor Road1913History Profile
15Windsor Road1914History Profile
20Windsor Road1912History Profile
21Windsor Road1914History Profile
24Windsor Road1915History Profile
27Windsor Road1914History Profile
28Windsor Road1916History Profile
38 Windsor Road1916History Profile
7Wiswall Circle1909History Profile
2Woodlawn Avenue1907History Profile
7Woodlawn Avenue1908History Profile
11Woodlawn Avenue1909History Profile
14Woodlawn Avenue1908History Profile
18Woodlawn Avenue1915History Profile
22Woodlawn Avenue1909History Profile
37Woodlawn Avenue1891History Profile
49 Woodlawn Avenue1879History Profile
50Woodlawn Avenue1872History Profile
53Woodlawn Avenue1902History Profile
73Woodlawn Avenue1872History Profile
102Woodlawn Avenue1897History Profile
140Worcester Street1911History Profile
333Worcester Street1880History Profile
368Worcester Street1915History Profile
371Worcester Street1908History Profile
375Worcester Street1910History Profile
389Worcester Street1871History Profile
500Worcester Street1913History Profile
525Worcester Street1892History Profile
526Worcester Street1897History Profile
664Worcester Street1908History Profile
668 Worcester Street1909History Profile
701Worcester Street1897History Profile
780Worcester Street1912History Profile