On October 30, 2008, after completing a Final Study Report, the Denton Road Neighborhood Conservation District became the Town’s first NCD created after approval of the NCD enabling bylaw.  Article 46B of the Town Bylaws enabled the establishment of the Denton Road NCD for the following purposes:

  1. To recognize that the Denton Road Neighborhood, which dates back to the 1800’s and which contains a variety of homes clustered along a tree-shaded, U-shaped street, is a distinctive neighborhood that contributes significantly to the diversity and character of Wellesley.
  2. To promote conservation and preservation of its existing Buildings and Structures; to encourage compatible new construction that will complement existing Buildings, Structures, Settings and overall neighborhood character; and to foster appropriate reuse of and upgrades to Buildings and Structures.
  3. To provide residents and property owners with the opportunity to participate in planning the future of their neighborhood.

If you have questions concerning the Denton Road NCD, please contact the Town of Wellesley Planning Department or visit their Denton Road NCD webpage.


Final Study Report

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