Home > 2015 > Family Obtains Permission to Reconstruct Historic Porch

The Wellesley Historical Commission was pleased to assist Wellesley residents Kristen DiBella and Frank Prall in their recent successful effort to obtain a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. The zoning variance will allow the family to reconstruct a historically-accurate farmers’ porch on their 1880s Howe Street home, thereby not only adding much-needed functionality, but enhancing the character of their house and their well-preserved neighborhood.

In April 2015, Kristen DiBella presented the case for the reconstructed porch at our Historical Commission meeting. Her presentation was well-researched, and she was able to persuade the Historical Commission, after reviewing various historic documents (1883 Plan of Land and 1935 Atlas), to vote in favor of sending a letter of support to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals. In early May 2015, the Planning Board recommended, and the Zoning Board of Appeals approved, the grant of a variance.

The Historical Commission congratulates the DiBella-Prall family for their effort to preserve and maintain their historic home, and looks forward to seeing the period-appropriate porch once completed.

The Historical Commission is always pleased to help Wellesley homeowners identify options for improving their older homes in ways that preserve the historic character while making the homes work for the twenty-first century.