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Petition to Protect Wellesley’s Character and Promote Smart, Sustainable Growth

To: Town of Wellesley Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Natural Resources Commission
From: Concerned Wellesley Citizens

The increasing pace of teardowns in Wellesley is adversely affecting the character of the Town’s neighborhoods.  The Town of Wellesley’s 2007 – 2017 Comprehensive Plan notes that the Town’s historic housing stock is central to the Town’s highly-valued aesthetic character, “which draws heavily on well-designed late nineteenth- and early to mid twentieth-century neighborhoods.”  Empirically, developers are tearing down Wellesley’s homes at a faster rate than anywhere in Metro Boston.

Additionally, teardowns are frequently destructive to the environment of our local neighborhoods due to clear-cutting and re-grading lots, unnecessary destruction of mature trees and loss of canopy, rock blasting that destabilizes neighboring properties, and issues regarding water runoff.

Please join me in supporting the Wellesley Historical Commission as it works with citizens, the Town’s government, and local community organizations to establish policies and tools that will help provide the Town with a means of protecting Wellesley’s historic and highly desirable character.




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